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Our Band was formed in 1981. Our goal is to maintain, support and carry on German minority music culture in which the local German Selfgoverning Body helped us a lot.

In the beginning the band worked within the frameworks of the music school and from 1991 as an association with national and international success. It is a great pleasure to us that the Pászti Miklós Music School provides the new generation of high qualified musicians. Meanwhile, the starting number of 15-20 increased to 80-100 although there were several who left the group because of their studies, marriage or moving to another town. Despite that the standard is still the same proved by the recent success in the country and abroad. Several musicians chose music as a profession, including national and international winners of competitions. Early on apperances were organized in Mór with the help of local associations and continued in neighbouring villages and factories with more and more supporters. The first invitations to other countries followed and our international relationships formed. The time arrived for qualification which we renew every 5 years.

The last such was in November 2001. The band achieved international gold in the category of show and concert band and prominent international gold in the category of German minority music. In the category of march and lawn show the band was qualified with gold for three times in Italy.
Our art leader and conductor is Sándor Acsai from the very beginnings. The repertoire consists of some hundred compositions including german, classic and modern works as well. By now 1 LP, 3CDs and 3 cassettes apperared and these got to 54 countries around the world though different sponsors, partners and diplomatic channels. There have been 28 apperances abroad, we visited Germany, Italy, Austria, Chech Republic Poland and Romania more than once and once Finnland, Estonia, Izrael and Croatia.
We have reached great success in Szolnok on March 24th 2001. We won the contest named "With Culture at the Gates of the West" National Festival organized by the Ministry of National Cultural Heritage in the wind band category. It was a great honour to us that we had the chance to represent Hungary at the first European Union Wind Band Festival in Cheb, Chech Republic between 1-4th July, 2004, where we played with the bands from the 25 member states and Russia. Since 1996 an international wind band festival is organized every two years within the programme of the town� Wine Days.
We have invi-ted 48 foreign bands.

Many in-land and fore-ign honours and awards show our achievements.
Our main sponsors are the Self Goverment of Mór and the Commitee of the Hungarian Parliament for Human Rights, Religion and Minorities. We would like to thank hereby the great help provided by the Community Centre, especially Ferenc Erdei and Margit Dankovics. In 1996 the Band got the Pro Urbe Award from the town of Mór and in 2004 conductor Sándor Acsai also received this honour. The pictures were taken and the past and present event in the life of the band.

The leaders of the association:
1991-1995 Chairperson: Mrs Sándor Acsai
Secratary: Sándor Katona
1995- Chairperson: József Grell
1995-2004 Secratary:
Mrs. Géza Windisch
2004- Secratary: Mrs. Imre Hadnagy

The five members of the Board are looking for sponsors, securing financial background and many other duties around the band.
Hundreds of bottles of Ezerjó wine of Mór were given to our hosts abroad signifying we are coming from a wine growing region. We got support from the Brindisi Saint Lawrence Wine Order and from the wine growers around the town.
We are able to come out with such shows that fascinates our audience for example the show with watering cans. The reputation of the band, the town, the county and Hungary were raised by our work.



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